Modular and mobile, farming is made easy with BoomGrow.

We meet growing food and lifestyle needs through machine farming.

Through analytics and controlled environment technology, BoomGrow’s Machine Farm is transforming how we produce and consume greens. A versatile turnkey farming solution, we aspire for everyone to grow their own food.
Precision farming is driven by data for consistent yield and quality. Our clean technology focus also means that sustainability is at the heart of all that we do. We are eco-efficient and grow completely indoors, without sun and soil. With our Farm to Plate in 45 mins proposition, there’s truly less time on-site and more time for life.
  • Precision digital farming driven by technology
  • Science driven agronomy to drive value creation
  • Global footprint to meet localised needs
  • Creation of new age AgriTech jobs
  • Wealth creation along all aspects of value chain
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    A 320sqft Machine Farm with 6 vertical racks produces a farm yield of up to 1 acre (depending on cultivar). When the Farms are stacked up 5 levels high, they can produce a yield of up to 5 acres of an external farm, on the same 320sqft base footprint. We are also able to customise produce for your needs – for extra crunch, deeper taste or medicinal purpose.
    Our Machine Farm model opens farming to everyone. No prior experience necessary except an interest in sustainable farming and consuming high-quality produce.
  • Investor looking for sustainable business model
  • Entrepreneur looking for new ventures
  • New age farmer interested in farming all-year round
  • Thought leader bringing positive change to your community
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