About Us

What is BoomGrow?

We have been working on the development of innovative agricultural products and lifestyle solutions since 2014. Through extensive R&D, BoomGrow has pioneered cutting edge solutions that has enabled us to push the boundaries of innovation to support sustainable living while meeting the growing food and lifestyle demands. Our cutting edge machine farming methods will help both in supplying healthy and chemical-free produce and promoting modular, sustainable farming that is climate and wallet friendly.

Design Principle.

BoomGrow uses philosophies of Design for Disassembly in producing our products where such modular designs will allow for greater flexibility right at product development stage itself. It supports reduced development timescale and development costs. This also suits re-use and recycle processes of either the entire product or parts of its components. The DfD is a flexible product that can be built both from scratch of by using off-the- shelf components.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to be the leading innovation-driven sustainable agricultural player globally that delivers significant value to all our stakeholders through the production of essential agricultural produce all year round at all major international locations through precision farming.

Founding Team

Nothing short of overwhelmed by the meandering food supply chain and multitude of food labels, the founders come from diverse backgrounds – sustainability and regulation, architecture and business development.

Our purpose is simple – how can non-farmers grow food without a ‘farming brain’? We have thought about how we can make a difference and how that difference can help us understand and grow vegetables simply and naturally.

The solution is both physical and technological – machine farming by BoomGrow.

We are excited about changing the world starting with our neighbourhoods.


Adil Nurghozin
Taranjeet Singh