BoomGrow team can assist you and provide solutions in various matters such as automation, agriculture and building your own system.

Consult About Your Project.


Our well experienced team in the areas of agri-produce will help guide and facilitate your requirements for indoor plant cultivation and maintenance, optimization of plant growth as well as productivity.


We work on open source platforms such as Arduino in building automation. The BoomGrow team provides expert technical support in the areas of product automation and will be at hand to assist you with your Arduino automations needs and project reviews.

DIY & Fabrication

If you are hands-on, we have the tools for your DIY project. But when you need professional guidance, strategic planning and answers to some very vital questions, rest assured that the BoomGrow team will be right at hand for assistance. We will provide assistance in designing and fabricating products that suits your needs.


Various workshops related to arduino, hydroponics, gardening and system building is available by BoomGrow.

Coming Soon…